Before going any further, we remind you that this questionnaire was anonymous: this means that we cannot identify those of you who informed us in the questionnaire of the bugs encountered in the app. We invite you to contact us directly by email at , on Facebook or Instagram  with any other feedback.

To our last question “What else would you like to see on Whympr?” We had varied feedback but also elements that came back several times. Let’s answer it together.

“When you type in a locale it would be good if your search engine suggests the spots nearby

It’s already available ! On iOS as well as Android , you just have to go to the Cards tab and enter your search as you can see below.

  “A tutorial …? Maybe that will encourage me to finally try it and prefer it to others…

They are in production. We invite you to consult them here .

“Where can I see where I buy detailed topos from the app?  » 

The pro topos already available on iOS (marked with a star in the app) should appear on Android in 2021.

On Android as on iOS, you have a “Store” area available in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

“You should be able to see the last outings made on a summit when you click on it . »

The last outputs made by summit are already available. They do not appear in the summit sheet but on those of the routes attached to it (see video below)

We are thinking about improving these

“Is it possible to contact people who have gone out to ask questions?

To chat with another user, you can comment on their outing. No chat functionality for the moment!

” IGN maps should be free.

You heard it: “IGN has been making its maps free since January 1, 2021!” . We find this statement everywhere except that it is partially false. In fact, cards “including third party rights or protected by copyright” are not affected by free access,  as the IGN writes in its press release . The IGN maps that we sell are part of these maps.

Where can we access 3D, the degree of inclination of the slopes, the satellite view?

As said just above, you can access these features in the “Select Map”  area by subscribing to premium.

The inclination of the slopes is available on IGN France with the button at the bottom right.

We hope this article answered your questions. If, however, you still have questions or dissatisfaction, write to us and we can even arrange a time for us to call to discuss it.

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